Peace, Security & Health

The day will bring together two themes Peace and Security with a focus on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and transboundary water and climate aspects, and health with a focus on climate resilient water supply and sanitation services and related impacts on health.


Each theme with make reference to the other in respective panels and the two themes will be brought together tin the closing panel at the end of the day.  Aims of each are:   

Peace and Security   

  • Highlight the importance of transboundary water cooperation for climate action and peace  
  • Demonstrate the role of education in creating political will for peacebuilding on climate related issues 
  • Share and inform on the opportunities to finance climate resilience in transboundary basins 
  • Improve understanding of the impact of climate and water-related information manipulation and interference that can increase security risks 


  • Highlight WASH key messages and briefing to COP28 delegations on adaptation, mitigation and finance 
  • Clarify links with climate risk, effects on water supply and sanitation service sustainability and knock on effects for human health  
  • Demonstrate how water and sanitation service can be made more resilient and how resilient services contribute to wider societal resilience   
  • Share latest evidence on emission from sanitation and mitigation potential  
  • Share latest progress e.g. via case studies to consolidate learning on effecting implementation of CR-WASH services    
  • Identify knowledge gaps and areas for investment in research 

Target groups

Peace and security 

  • Government officials from different sectors 
  • Climate experts 
  • IFIs and development banks 
  • River basin organizations 
  • Media  


  • WASH sector actors seeming to reorient programmes and finance to address climate risks 
  • Larger water sector for a greater sectoral understanding of water supply and sanitation with wider sector messaging and action (with links to peace and security) 
  • Health ministers – particularly the role of WASH in meeting the health ministerial declaration  
  • Partners and government for negotiations and WASH programme implementation in counties 


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December 6, 2023 | Peace, Security & Health

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