The Water for Climate Pavilion welcomes Core Partners who share the same commitment to water-wise climate action. In 2023, we gather over 60 organizations, including governments, UN agencies, multilateral organizations, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

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Interested in becoming a partner?

In addition to the valuable exchange with other partners engaged in a collective effort in preparation for each COP, being a core partner of the Water for Climate Pavilion also guarantees visibility and recognition in the Pavilion and on the virtual platform.

It also provides the possibility to use the pavilion space for showcasing, networking and collaboration. Joint communications and outreach on the most pressing water and climate issues are developed, and concrete pathways forward are planned with colleagues both inside and outside of the water community.

  • Connect and collaborate with other core partners to the Pavilion
  • Engage with other sectors and other thematic pavilions at COP
  • Create or reinforce relationships with other stakeholders within the formal negotiation spaces
  • Contribute expertise through speakers, research or case studies
  •  Influence the thematic framing of the programming and advance water within climate dialogues for both formal and informal COP28 outcomes
  • Display your organization’s logo in the Pavilion and on the website
  • Contribute to the joint messaging effort
  • Access documentation and stream sessions toward a global audience, including after COP

If you’re interested, contact