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Prince George's County: pass a more equitable Better Bag Bill!

In June, Prince George’s County Council passed a “Better Bag Bill:” legislation to ban plastic bags and place a 10 cent charge on paper bags. Bills like these are an important step forward for the environment and great Zero Waste policy - but must be made in coalition with food access and equity organizations to ensure that any potential concerns are addressed.

Our Comments against a CPCN Exemption for 168 diesel generators

As the data center industry seeks to grow in Maryland, it must follow our environmental and energy laws for the good of Maryland residents and of the climate. Clean Water Action submitted a letter with 14 organizations to the Maryland Public Service Commission urging them to reject Aligned Data Center's request for a rehearing on their request to be exempted from the proper regulatory process for installing 168 diesel generators.

Great news! EPA & MDE order Baltimore City to help more households with sewer backups

For nearly a decade, Baltimore residents have been demanding that the City help people out when City infrastructure causes sewage to back up into people's homes. And this summer, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Department of the Environment are supporting residents' demands, ordering the City to start offering assistance to every household that faces a sewer backup caused by issues in City infrastructure.